Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Finished

The file is huge, but I think it is a good representation of the quilt style. I am looking forward to doing a whole book in this medium. Time consuming at first, but once I get the first few complete, it shouldn't be terribly long. The original graphic is 256mb. Wow. It is all the fabric and masking layers.

This is the piece I am going to enter in the First Look at the upcoming SCBWI-AZ Welcome to Our House. Hopefully it will be well received.

In looking for less complicated illustration styles, I find myself enjoying the depth and richness of the pieces that take me longer to develop.

Mom, if you are reading, this style is for you. I so enjoyed having the experience of you, myself and Maxine working on Cami's quilt, but just don't see myself making one on my own. I really admire the patchworking that you come up with, and hope to someday learn the skill too.

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